NEMA23 - 180W - Integrated Servo Motor

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NEMA23 - 180W- Integrated Servo Motor

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NEMA23 - 180W - Integrated Servo Motor

The iHSV series of Integrated AC Servo Motors give you all the benefist of Servo Drive at affordable cost and easy installation due to the integrated controller.

Equipped with a high resolution encoder you are sure to never loose a step. Use this type of motor if you want smooth operation at low RPM and high torque at high RPM!


Power: 180W

Weight: 1.8kg

Shaft diameter Ø8

Lenght 116mm

Input voltage: 24-50VDC (36 typical)

continuous current: 7,5A

unloaded speed: 4200RMP+/-10%

unloaded current: 0.65+/- 0.2A

Rated speed: 3000RPM +/- 10%

Rated torque:0.6N.m

Rated current: 7.5+/-1A

Max torque: 1.5N.m

Torque coefficient:  0.082N.m/A

Phase resistance:0.53ohm

phase inductance: 0.58mH

Power: 180W

Weight: 1.8kg

Shaft diameter Ø8

Lenght 116mm

  • Multi Pulse Input Modes Pulse+Direction

  • Opto-isolator Servo Reset Input Port ERC

  • Current Loop Bandwidth:-3dB2KHz(Typical)

  • Speed Loop Bandwidth: 500Hz(Typical)

  • Position Loop Bandwidth: 200Hz(Typical)

  • Motor Quadrature Encoder Input Interface: Differential Input(26LS32)

  • Download parameters via RS232C from PC or Text Display.

  • Users can definite subdivisions via external Dial-up switches or software.

  • Overcurrent, I2T, Over-voltage, Under voltage, Overheat, Overspeed, error Protections.

  • Green light indicates running, red light indicates protection or offline.


input voltage

24~50VDC(36V typical value )

Continuous output current


Maximum pulse frequency


Default rate

9.6KbpsRequired external conversion interface


Peak value of over current action value 30A + 10%

Overload I2t current action value of 300% 5S

Overheating action value of 80

Overvoltage action value 65V

Action value of under voltage voltage 18V

Use environment


As far as possible to avoid dust, oil mist and corrosive gases

working temperature


Storage temperature




Cooling mode

Natural cooling or forced air cooling


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NEMA23 - 180W - Integrated Servo Motor

NEMA23 - 180W - Integrated Servo Motor

NEMA23 - 180W- Integrated Servo Motor