Aluminum Sheet - Alloy 6082

Aluminum Sheet - Alloy 6082


Aluminum Sheet - Alloy 6082

  • 330x500mm
  • 500x660mm
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Aluminum Alloy


Aluminum Sheet - Alloy 6082

Size and Thickness

Raw aluminum made of 6082 alloy for your milling projects. Use quality milling bits and remember to use lubricant e.g. ethanol. See our selection here. For hobby milles like OX go slow. We have seen good results using the following parameters: 

3mm quality bit

Ethanol as coolant

15.000 RPM on the spindle

Feed Rate 250 mm/min

Plunge Rate 100 mm/min

Depth Increments 0.4mm

Note: These are raw pieces of sheet metal intended to be machined, and may have small surface blemishes, scratches, or printing. Cut size is +/-5mm

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