Black - ABS 2.85 - Devil Design

Black - ABS 2.85 - Devil Design


Black - ABS 2.85 - Devil Design


Black - ABS 2.85 - Devil Design


ABS or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a common petroleum based thermoplastic polymer. The most important mechanical properties of ABS are impact resistance and toughness. A very prominent use of ABS is the LEGO bricks.

When printing with ABS good ventilation is recommended.

Warping and lift-off can be a problem and so, a good first layer is essential to a successful end result. Make sure the build platform is properly calibrated and heated. Preferably automatically calibrated, minimizing the risk of a human mistake. The best surface for printing ABS material without any adhesives is a PEI build plate. After the 3D print is finished and the cooling process has ended, the object can be removed from the printing surface quite easily, resulting in a bottom surface that is clean and smooth.

The filament is wound on a spool, vacuum packed with a moisture absorber. The spool contains 1 kg of net material.

Hotend: 230-240C

Bed: 90-100C

Weight of filament: 1kg

Diameter: 2.85mm

Diameter of the spool: 200 mm

Width of spool: 70 mm

Diameter of mounting hole: 52 mm

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