Shark CNC - Professional Large Format CNC

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Shark CNC

Professional  Large Format CNC. A true Sheet Eater

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  • Work Area 1000x1000
  • Work Area 1220x2500

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Shark CNC - Professional  Large Format CNC

Mechanical Kit only - for electronic packet see here.

The Shark CNC is designed for industrial applications and optimized for plate and sheet material. The typical user include Cabinet Makers, Carpenters, Prototype workshops, Makerspaces, small industry and many more.

Build with heavy duty aluminum extrusions and Sair linear guides, this machine will be able to handle any sheet material you can think of including aluminum plate milling like a breeze.

The machine and table is combined into one rock solid construction and you do not need to buy extra parts to mount it. The legs are mounted with heavy duty Ø80mm adjustable feet.


We have designed a new to the world Rack and Pinon Gear system that allow for maximum speed and acceleration and still protects motor and hardware against over load.

The axis covers ensure clean linear guides and rack and pinion drives. For the costumer and operator, this means nicer look and less cleaning and less downtime due to maintenance and replacement of components. Using homing sensors and a tool touch off sensor, the machine will reliably retain machine and working area locations, allowing for efficient nesting of multiple parts in your CAD software and managing plate and sheet material with multiple part cut-outs.


The machine is designed for NEMA 24 motors on the X and Y axis and NEMA 23 motor on Z-axis. We have developed a complete control box based on Centroids Acorn controller and equipped with VFD for spindle speed control and power enough to run our quality Integrated Closed Loop Steppers from JMC. Using Closed Loop Steppers ensures a smooth run and secures against loss of steps. Included is also a powerful 2.2kW ER16 spindle and Spindle holder. See here for details on the controller bundle.


Combine this machine with a mist system and our high-end Risager endmills will ensure optimal performance when cutting aluminum. We will be able to assist with feeds and speeds specific to the Risager endmill collection. This machine fully supports Fusion 360 CAM, and we can supply a customized post processor specific to this machine.


Total footprint 1,9 m x 1,7 m x 1,3 m (width, depth and height)

Working area 1050 mm x 1150 mm x 120 mm (XYZ)

Rapid speeds up to 1 m/s.

Capable of up to 1 cm3/s material removal rate.

Accuracy ± 0,15 mm.

Leadtime. Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time from order to shipment.

Custom versions. If you need other size than posted please contact support. We are able to make custom sizes to meet your needs.

Assembly service. Normally the machine is supplied as a kit - all parts are separate. We are available to make pre- and fully-assembled versions. Shipping and handling will be different and must be quoted individually based on your location and machine size.

Parts included with the Kit:

  • Extruded aluminum profiles with pre-tapped holes and through-cuts.
  • Frame with legs and adjustable Feets to level on floor.
  • Precision Sair linear guides and ballscrew.
  • Durable cover bellows.
  • 22 mm helical cut rack and pinion.
  • All Pulleys, Belts, Hardware and Covers needed to complete the mechanical build

What need for a complete machine

  • Acorn Control Cabinet.
  • Nema23/24 stepper or servo package.
  • Pneumatics components.


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Shark CNC - Professional Large Format CNC

Shark CNC - Professional Large Format CNC

Shark CNC

Professional  Large Format CNC. A true Sheet Eater