LEAD CNC 1000x1000mm - Black

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LEAD CNC 1000x1000mm - Black

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  • 3mm
  • 6mm
  • 8mm
  • 9mm
  • 10mm
  • 15mm
  • 20mm
  • 40mm
  • 50mm
  • 65mm
  • 250mm
  • 1000mm
  • M3
  • M4
  • M5
  • 6mm
  • 1/4"
  • 8mm

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LEAD CNC 1000x1000mm - Black

Remember to select Flexible Coupler Bore below !

The OpenBuilds LEAD CNC Machine is a powerful and accurate lead screw driven CNC router with plenty of work area.  Mount a router to the frame and you are ready to begin milling your own wood, plastic or aluminum projects.  Built with the OpenBuilds modular system means this machine can adapt and grow to suit many future applications.  Size and Capabilities make this machine perfect for your business, classroom, or home workshop.

LEAD (Learning, Education, and Development) Machine



Compatible Material for Cutting/Milling:

  • Aluminum 
  • Oak
  • Plexi Glass
  • Delrin
  • HDPE
  • Foam 

Bundle Contents:

14Precision Shim - 10x5x1mm 
28Xtreme Solid V Wheel Kit
14Aluminum Spacers - 3mm   
14Aluminum Spacers - 9mm   
14Aluminum Spacers - 1/4"   
8Aluminum Spacers - 40mm   
41/4" x 8mm Flexible Coupling 
14Slot Washer - 15x5x2mm 
14Eccentric Spacer - 1/4"
18Drop In Tee Nuts 
12Double L Brackets 
26Cast Corners 
108Tee Nuts - M5   
4Black Angle Corner Connectors 
14Single L Brackets 
290 Degree Joining Plate 
13End Cap 
6Nut Block 
98Low Profile Screws - 8mm   
30Low Profile Screws - 10mm   
12Low Profile Screws - 12mm   
17Low Profile Screws - 15mm
46Low Profile Screws - 20mm   
4Low Profile Screws - 30mm   
8Low Profile Screws - 50mm   
12Low Profile Screws - 65mm   
8Ball Bearings 688z 8x16x5 
8Shim - 12x8x1mm 
8Lock Collar - 8mm 
16Nylon Insert Hex Locknut 
8C-Beam End Mount 
1Anti-Backlash Nut Block 
7XLarge C-Beam Gantry Plate 
38mm Metric Acme Lead Screw - 1040mm 
18mm Metric Acme Lead Screw -290mm 
1C-Beam Linear Rail - 250mm, Black 
3C-Beam Linear Rail - 1000mm, Black 
1V-Slot Linear Rail - 20x20x1000mm, Black 
2V-Slot Linear Rail - 20x80x250mm, Black 
5V-Slot Linear Rail - 20X40X1000mm, Black


  • (1) 24V Power Supply Bundle
  • (4) NEMA 23 Stepper Motors
  • (1) CNC xPRO V3 Controller Stepper Driver
  •  or one of our bigger Stepper Bundles


  • (1) Spoiler Board (MDF 12mm thick - 820 x 1020mm available at your local hardware store

Software for xPro:

Build Instructions, Helpful Videos, Community Support:


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LEAD CNC 1000x1000mm - Black

LEAD CNC 1000x1000mm - Black

LEAD CNC 1000x1000mm - Black

Remember to select Flexible Coupler Bore below !