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V-Wheel CNC routers

V-wheels from Openbuilds are used as the guiding mechanism for several DIY CNC machine designs. We offer the price-friendly MakerCARVER, the rugged Stainless OX, and the stiff and precise LEAD CNC.

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  • makerCARVER

    makerCARVER Kits and Acessories. Dual Belt, Easy to Build, Easy to use, Affordable CNC

  • Stainless OX

    OX Kits based on parts from other categories in the shop

  • LEAD C-Beam CNC

    OpenBuilds C-Beam Machines

  • C-Beam Machines

    Designed by Openbuilds the series of C-Beam MAchines offers compact design with high robustness and stiffness.

  • MiniMill

    OpenBuilds MiniMill Kit