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Machine Components

Parts for building

Machine Components There are no products in this category.


  • Wheels

    Wheels and Kits

  • Bearings

    Bearings for wheels and lead screws

  • Screws

    Low Profile Screws, Set and Cap Head Screws

  • Nuts

    Tee Nuts, Nylon Insert Nuts, Wood Insers and Standard nuts

  • Brackets

    L Brackets, Corners, etc.

  • Shims & Spacers

    Precisions Shims, Spacers and Washers

  • Makerlink

    Makerlink is the easy way to build any project. The ultimate V-Slot connection solution.

  • C-Beam®

    C-Beam rails and Plates

  • Plates

    Build, Joining, Gantry Plates

  • Transmission

    Lead Screws, Belt & Pulleys, Gears 

  • Bundles

    Bundles of Machine Components for your build

  • T10-Slot Accessories

    Tee-nuts, Brackets and more for use with T8-Slot Profile