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CNC Machines & Kits

DIY CNC machine kits for professionals and hobbyists. Linear guide machines offer the greatest stiffness and precision, while V-wheel machines from OpenBuilds are great for hobbyist applications.

OpenBuilds kits such as machine enclosures ensure a better working envoirement when working with CNC machines.

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  • Linear guide CNC routers

    Sair linear guides give great performance for these competitively priced machines. Perfect for professionals and serious hobby users who demand consistent performance.

  • V-Wheel CNC routers

    V-wheels from Openbuilds are used as the guiding mechanism for several DIY CNC machine designs. We offer the price-friendly MakerCARVER, the rugged Stainless OX, and the stiff and precise LEAD CNC.

  • Other Kits
  • Workshop Tables & CNC...

    Here you find a series of Tables designed to fit the standard sizes of the CNCs in our portfolio. The tables can also serve as general purpose workshop tables. 

    Also find Enclosures for the CNCs that fit on top of the tables.

  • Linear Actuators

    OpenBuilds Linear Actuators