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Closed Loop Servo Driver and Motor Bundle

Closed Loop Servo Driver and Motor Bundle

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Closed Loop Servo Driver and Motor Bundle


Closed Loop Servo Driver and Motor Bundle

Newer loose a step again!

When compared with stepper systems, Closed Loop or Hybrid Stepper Servo Drive can close the position loop to eliminate "Loss of Steps". An encoder on the stepper counts the steps made and the signal is feed back to the driver that then compensates if necessary. Even if you push the stepper out of position it will return to its current position. This type of drivers is characterized by having output higher torque, much quick response & acceleration. When compared with brushless servo systems, they have much higher starting and low-speed torque, high standstill stiffness, no overshooting, almost zero settling time, and no tuning for almost for all applications – at reasonable price!


2HSS57 is a two-phase closed loop digital driver. It’s controlled by normal STEP/DIR signals and you can use it instead of or together with normal drivers. In this bundle it comes together with 2,0Nm NEMA 23 Step Servo Motor


* 6.0A Driver

* 2Nm Stepper, shaft Ø8mm

* No lost steps, High accuracy positioning

* 100% rated output torque

*  Variable current control technology, High current efficiency

* Little vibration, Smooth and reliable moving at low speed

* Accelerate and decelerate control inside, smooth starting or stopping of the motor

* User-defined micro steps

* 118x75.5x34mm; 270g


The pack contains:

2HSS57 Driver (1)

57J1880EC-1000 Stepper Motor w 1000 line encoder (1)

Encoder cable, 280cm with DB9 Female in one end and wires for terminal mounting in the other. (1) This cable can be extended as needed

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