Drag Chain 18x25mm - 1meter

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Drag Chain 18x25mm - 1meter

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Drag Chain 18x25mm - 1meter

Drag Chains are used to manage the cables on the moving axis avoiding collision and damage. It also gives a more finished look of your machine.

Each 1 meter piece includes 2 ends. The links snap together so you can shorten or lengthen it. The ends have mounting holes.

The Drag Chain has individual links that only swivel in one direction. The links has an hinged opening for easy acces to the wires inside. Caution! Only open the side opposite of the hinge. Attempts to open in the hinged side will break the hinge (see photos for details).

Wires and cables are run in inside the links. This allows wiring to be protected when run close to moving parts. Furthermore it insures a minimum bend radius to protect the cables from fatigue.

You will typically need a piece that is approximately the length of your axis

Inner dimension ca 18x25mm

Outer dimension ca 23x35mm


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Drag Chain 18x25mm - 1meter

Drag Chain 18x25mm - 1meter

Drag Chain 18x25mm - 1meter