• OpenBuilds V-slot

    OpenBuilds V-Slot Linear Rails

    Super high quality aluminum extrusions. Now available from producer in EU

  • OpenBuilds V-Wheels

    OpenBuilds V-Wheels

    Brought to you directly from OpenBuilds USA by makersupplies.dk

  • OpenBuilds Bearings


    Bearings and Lead Screws

    Find all Bearings and Lead Screws for your projects

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    Sign Up for NEWSLETTER

    Get Info on New Stuff in the Shop

  • Electronics

    Motion Controllers, Stepper Motors, Stepper Drivers, PSUs

    Full range of PoKeys CNC Motion Controllers from PoLabs.com

  • Centroid Acorn Motion Controller

    Centroid Acorn Motion Controller

    Professional Software included

  • Closed Loop Stepper

    Closed Loop Stepper Motors

    Never loose another step!

  • Materials for your Projects


    Aluminum, POM, Nylon, PVC, HDPE, Acrylic, Carbon Firer and more

  • OpenBuilds MiniMill


    Lead screw precision on all 3 axis. Portable. Affordable. Expandable.

  • AMB Quality Spindles

    AMB Spindles

    Find the full range of AMB (former Kress) Spindles here.

  • Devil Design 3D Filament

    ABS, PET-G, PLA and more

  • Transportaion

    We typically use GLS for shipment. Shipment to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Baltic Countries, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, the US and more can be made directly from the checkout. Shipment to other countries please contact support via "Contact Us" at the top of the page.

  • Contact

    Please use the Contact Us at the top of the page to drop us an e-mail

  • Payment

    We rely on PayPal and Credit Cards for payments


Bringing OpenBuilds and other parts to the advanced hobbyist building DIY CNC machines, 3D printers and other cool stuff. Operating from Denmark, we supply quality parts to Germany, Scandinavia and more.